For paper submission

Conference template

  • Papers are invited with the understanding that they are original, unpublished works and have not been submitted elsewhere.
  • Submission of empirical works and case studies are encouraged.
  • The papers submitted would be subject to double blind peer review. The authors of the selected papers would be notified (Acceptance Notification) and invited to present their papers at the conference.
  • The selected papers would then be submitted to the journal ‘Technology Analysis and Strategic Management”, a publication of the Taylor and Francis Group, for its consideration and review, and a final selection of papers made by the journal for potential publication.
  • All papers should be submitted to EDAS system, CLICK HERE
  • For any clarification please contact: [email protected], [email protected]


Preparing Your Paper


Your paper should be compiled in the following order: title page; abstract; keywords; main text introduction, materials and methods, results, discussion; acknowledgments; declaration of interest statement; references; appendices (as appropriate); table(s) with caption(s) (on individual pages); figures; figure captions (as a list).


Word Limits

Please include a word count for your paper.

A typical paper should be no more than 7000 words, inclusive of the abstract, tables, references, figure captions, endnotes.


Format-Free Submission

Authors may submit their paper in any scholarly format or layout. Manuscripts may be supplied as single or multiple files. These can be Word or PDF files. Figures and tables can be placed within the text or submitted as separate documents. Figures should be of sufficient resolution to enable refereeing.

  • There are no strict formatting requirements, but all manuscripts must contain the essential elements needed to evaluate a manuscript: abstract, author affiliation, figures, tables, funder information, and references. Further details may be requested upon acceptance.
  • References should be consistently in Harvard style. Author name(s), journal or book title, article or chapter title, year of publication, volume and issue (where appropriate) and page numbers are essential. All bibliographic entries must contain a corresponding in-text citation. The addition of DOI (Digital Object Identifier) numbers is recommended but not essential.
  • It is to be noted that the journal reference style will be applied to the paper post-acceptance by Taylor & Francis.
  • Spelling should be US style consistently..

Note that, regardless of the file format of the original submission, an editable version of the article must be supplied at the revision stage.


Checklist: What to Include

  1. Author details.All authors of a manuscript should include their full name and affiliation on the cover page of the manuscript. One author will need to be identified as the corresponding author, with his email address normally displayed in the article PDF (depending on the journal) and the online article. Authors’ affiliations are the affiliations where the research was conducted. If any of the named co-authors moves affiliation during the peer-review process, the new affiliation can be given as a footnote. Please note that no changes to affiliation can be made after your paper is accepted. 
  2. Abstract. Should contain an unstructured abstract of 200 words.
  3. No more than 4keywords. Read making your article more discoverable, including information on choosing a title and search engine optimization.
  4. Disclosure statement.This is to acknowledge any financial interest or benefit that has arisen from the direct applications of your research. 
  5. Biographical note. Please supply a short biographical note for each author and it should be relatively brief (e.g. no more than 200 words).
  6. Data availability statement.If there is a data set associated with the paper, please provide information about where the data supporting the results or analyses presented in the paper can be found. Where applicable, this should include the hyperlink.
  7. Figures should be high quality (1200 dpi for line art, 600 dpi for grayscale and 300 dpi for colour, at the correct size). Figures should be supplied in one of our preferred file formats: EPS, PS, JPEG, TIFF, or Microsoft Word (DOC or DOCX) files are acceptable for figures that have been drawn in Word.
  8. Tables should present new information rather than duplicating what is in the text. Readers should be able to interpret the table without reference to the text. Please supply editable files.
  9. If you are submitting your manuscript as a Word document, please ensure that equations are editable.
  10. Please use SI units (non-italicized).


Using Third-Party Material in your Paper

You must obtain the necessary permission to reuse third-party material in your article. The use of short extracts of text and some other types of material is usually permitted, on a limited basis, for the purposes of criticism and review without securing formal permission. If you wish to include any material in your paper for which you do not hold copyright, and which is not covered by this informal agreement, you will need to obtain written permission from the copyright owner prior to submission.


Submitting Your Paper

By submitting your paper you are agreeing to originality checks during the peer-review and production processes both by the conference organizers as well as Technology Analysis & Strategic Management. Please note that Technology Analysis & Strategic Management uses Crossref™ to screen papers for unoriginal material. On acceptance, it is recommended that the author keeps a copy of the Accepted Manuscript.

Important Dates

11th-13th March, 2022

Conference Dates

31st January, 2022

Full paper submission

10th February, 2022

Acceptance Notification

20th February, 2022

Camera-ready copy due

28th February, 2022

Presentation Submission

11th February to 17th February, 2022